JSQ Women

We have included a bit of information about our models to help you better determine your fit.



From Poland, she is a free spirit world traveler who is a fashion enthusiast with a focus on comfort an quality. She finds dance and smiling the best cure for problems. Attracted by her smile, we met Anita in Little Italy, NYC and she agreed to take time out of her whirlwind life to help JSQ present it's styles to the world, perfectly. Anita's favorite coat is The Prytania. Typically wears a JSQ XS.

Bust:   34.25 inches
Waist:  26.77 inches
Hips:   38.19 inches
Height:          5' 07"



A model, living and working in New York City, Genny's wonderful energy and contemporary attitude helps illustrate JSQ's classic influence on the modern world. She is an original, and when given the opportunity she can make magic happen in front of a Camera. She did for JSQ!  Genny's favorite coat is The St. Claude. Typically wears a JSQ L.

Bust:    39 inches
Waist:   32 inches
Hips:    45 inches
Height:       5' 08"